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If you are an Ohio driver who accumulates 12 or more points for convictions of the traffic offenses listed below, your license will be suspended for 6 months. If you plead guilty and pay your fine, that is the same as a conviction. Points stay on your license for 2 years after the conviction.

When you accumulate 12 points, the suspension is automatic, although you will be notified of your right to a court hearing. You must petition the court for a hearing. A judge may impose conditions upon your suspension, such as allowing you to drive only for purposes of getting to and from your job. Driving while your license is under suspension can subject you to severe criminal penalties, including jail time.

Upon completion of the 6 month suspension, you must complete a remedial driver education class, provide proof of insurance and take your drivers’ test again before your license will be reinstated.

If you complete an approved remedial driving course prior to accumulating 12 or more points, you will receive a 2-point credit. You can take this course up to 5 times in your lifetime, but no more than once ever 3 years.

6-point violations

• Vehicular homicide, manslaughter or assault

• Drag racing

• Driving with a suspended or invalid license

• Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• Failure to stop at the scene of an accident (hit and run)

• Fleeing or eluding a law enforcement officer

• Operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent

• Using a motor vehicle in the commission of any felony

4-point violations

• Reckless operation of a motor vehicle with willful or wanton

• Disregard for the safety of other persons or property

• Operating a motor vehicle with an unlawful concentration of alcohol while under the age of 21

2-point violations

• Operating a motor vehicle in violation of a restriction imposed by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles

• All other moving violations not listed here

Points for speeding violations:

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